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Alice in Wonderland

“Alice in Manhattanland”

by Linda Flacco

It always starts with a dream, a dream about Wonderland.

Someone said Manhattan is the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of and there is nothing you can’t do”. Well it’s a fact that many great dreamers come here every year with the feeling that there are no impossible things. You get to NYC and you feel like you can start dreaming again because here’s where your dreams can become real.

If you are walking around the city and you lift your head for a moment to take a look around, you’ll notice that it looks like someone has thrown a handful of crumbs of Alice in Wonderland on the island and these ended up scattered everywhere. There are bars, statues, murals, shops and even mosaics of Alice. We could not help but wonder why.

What does the naive and dreamy young English girl have to do with the cold-hearted and rational New York City? With not too much thinking the answer appeared obvious, Manhattan IS a Wonderland. Especially for a girl with dreams, alone and just arrived.

Because Manhattan is dirty, with weird green stains on the ground. Manhattan is stinky. Manhattan doesn’t stop for anyone, Manhattan has always a big clock in front of some hotels to remind you that it's too late. Manhattan is scary sometimes, it makes you sit on a sidewalk crying cause you’re lost and you feel alone but Manhattan has always a bar and some weird man who talks to you about things you don’t completely understand but somehow you like it, probably ‘cause you're drunk like everyone else around you. And thinking about Alice we started wondering, what if that little girl was actually just one side of the coin?

In Lewis Carroll’s novel the gentle and curious young Alice becomes more self confident and so aware of her identity to become queen herself in just six months. This is what can actually happen to every young woman capable of wonder.

You arrive to Manhattan with a bag full of dreams, but the city is tough on you and it has no mercy and the only thing you can do is to wear your heels (or whatever makes you feel comfortable) and keep walking.

After a while Manhattan changes you. From the first time you take the subway looking around almost scared, not knowing which way to go until you start running to not miss the train and you left that lost girl behind you asking for directions. From the first time you look out on the streets with eyes full of wonder until you stop looking up because you have to watch where you walk. You don’t see people any more, you don’t see who steps on your feet because no one dares to step on your feet, you're now trampling those sidewalks like a queen with firm steps and the proud look in your eyes, and you don’t care about anything ‘cause you followed your heart and it brought you where you wanted.

You’re in Manhattanland and all the impossible things you thought about in the morning before breakfast became real.

After all, we are all a bit Alice, we all have our white rabbit to chase and it’s not too late…

concept: Linda Flacco
styling: Leydi Urbaez
mua: Remi Odunsi
models: Alice - Leydi Urbaez, White Rabbit - George Trinovich
photography: Vladislav Borimsky


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Alice in Wonderland (1 of 5).jpg