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vladislav borimsky

My name is Vladislav Borimsky. I believe in dreaming BIGGER. 

I believe that being able to capture life and its moments as they unfold in front of us and being able to share these moments with the rest of the world is the greatest feeling an artist can ask for.

This is when I can truly say I love what I do and I thank everyone who's allowed me to do that. Photography is not just my source of income. Photography is my outlet. It allows me to communicate what I see, feel and experience. When I can't express it with words, my camera becomes my voice.

After a decade of building a successful marketing career, I decided to turn my passion into my profession by becoming a full-time photographer. When I work with clients, I bring years of branding and marketing experience to deliver creative content that caters to your needs, your product, and your vision. Whether it's a commercial shoot or a portrait session, I understand the value of creating an image that reflects a brand or an individual while telling a compelling story.

IG: @vladislavborimsky

Featured on ABC’s Criminal Minds and OnMilwaukee.com.
Exhibited with SoHo Gallery of Digital Art and Milwaukee’s Gallery Night.
Runner up in ViewBug.com’s “Letters” Photo Contest for“The New Yorker”
Best in Show for Series Award presented by NYCDPW for my street photography collection, "Faces and Places" (April 2014)