Vladislav Borimsky Photography
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Cuba has been considered one of the most exotic tourist destinations for decades, and rightfully so. Classic American cars are as abundant as mojitos and live music. Pastel colored Spanish colonial buildings line the streets, and people are happy and full of life. However, there are multiple sides to every story, and Cuba is no exception. Once you take a closer look, you can clearly see the traces of the bloody revolution, decades long embargo, and still strong Communist regime. Graffiti and art depicting praise for Che and Fidel are not hard to find. Bodegas that ration bread, eggs, and other basic food items are situated around the city and towns and lines of people form when fresh deliveries are made. Children wear red neckerchiefs around their necks, a uniform I still remember having to wear growing up in Soviet Russia. Many people learn how to survive without basic necessities. For older generation, this is Cuba. This is the way of life. The young ones see the possibilities and they crave opportunity and change.